Thursday, 17 April 2008

The wind did blow again and again and again

Got up early and went the long way to work, only 12 miles in 45 minutes but again that damn wind was already blowing cold air around, the overshoes worked a treat though :-)

Left work at 3 as the sun was shining and headed over to the Shak to order a few bits and bobs (Ultegra chainset and brakes, the stock stuff is a little flexy when putting the power down) and then out into the Cheshire lanes.

Three hours later and I'm done, steady pace, probably around 65% effort, just spinning an easy gear into the wind which was in my face regardless of the direction I was heading in ? but hey the sun was shining, it was warmish (so warm that the overshoes had to come off)

Just had a stir fry for tea, lots of water and later will treat myself to a bottle of red wine whilst reading Cycling Weekly looking for more pictures of Jo...

and yes, my conversion back to being a roady is complete, hell I've even been looking at the dates for the old club tens :-0


  1. Sounds good Steve :)

    Compact Ultegra or the full fat version?

  2. compact, I'm liking those ratio's and the 50 big ring

  3. Yeah 50T rocks I've only used my small ring offroad on the Scott.

    Simon you'll be busy next week don't forget what I told you about ball bearings in the frame tubes ;0)

  4. Compact is ace.

    Another blog facelift, I see. I like this one.

  5. Raoul, thats so old hat, there's so much more can be done to painintheass customers ;-)

    I like fannying around with the look of the blog, its fun


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