Saturday, 26 April 2008

Rest is good for you part 2

and so is eating green food

three days in Germania meant no exercise and mostly sitting around, apart from a couple of hours walking around Cologne each night I did nothing, I did eat properly, but also drank quite a lot of alcohol...

anyhow, got out for 2 hours this morning and legs felt fine, new Ultegra chainset feels stiff and strong, unlike the FSA Gossamer that it replaced, and I'm happy to report that baggy 3/4's work really well on a road bike :-)

Tomorrow, well, the weather looks to be shite but I have fitted the Crossmax 29er wheels to the Aizan and all seems fine, I reckon that bike weighs around about 21lb now, only real further weight saving to be had now would be to replace the cranks for something lighter but I'm not really inclined to do that to save a quarter/half pound. 
So, the ride to Delamere is on, although I must remember to call into the Shak for some tyre levers as getting the Michelins onto those tubeless rims was a bitch of a job and I had to resort to the levers, I feel like a failure for doing that but twenty frustrating minutes of sweat and toil lead to that defeat :-0

On another point, I picked up a cycle computer today, almost bought it but just managed to put it back, I know that whenever I have a computer on the bike I end up counting miles, setting targets and generally concerning myself more with statistics than fun...

so it went back on the shelf, and now I can continue to enjoy my rides :-)


  1. So - how are you able to confirm these '60 miles in 3 hours' or 40 miles etc. ?

    Perhaps it was 70 (or even 50?) :)

  2. Baggy 3/4s? Stone him!

    I had to swap a wheel across on the commuter. Surprising how often I found myself glancing down at the stupid mute computer. It's the tyranny of data, I tell you.

  3. because I've ridden those roads quite a lot over the last 35 years ;-)


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