Monday, 14 April 2008

run fat boy run

so, Thursday night didnt happen due to rain, but Friday night saw 40 relaxed miles, Saturday saw 2 and ahalf hours of rain, snow, sleet, hailstones, sunshine, wind, wet feet, muddy bums, beer and general all round goodness.

Oxenhope is a good place if you like riding bikes.

Sunday saw an early start to find text messages crying off, looking outside gave the reason, more rain of biblical proportions saw no riding on Sunday.

Sunday day saw the photo's from the previous day, my god there's two not at all flattering pictures of me, now I know I'm the heaviest I've ever been but bugger me !
can you tell the before and after shots ?
hopefully by the time the sun comes out I'll be more the former than the latter


  1. Good luck Steve. It was a rather unflattering photo taken of me at SSUK a couple of years ago that helped me lose a couple of stone :)

  2. Hey Steve calm the self loathing a bit, you do a lot more exercise than the majority of people, just perhaps a bit more moderation in other areas.
    You have to allow yourself some slack or you'll go mad and life will be rubbish.

  3. nah, its not self loathing, I save that for my other issues, just dont want to be fat anymore is all, the fitness side is okay but I know that when I weigh less I can go uphill faster/easier...

    those long alpine hills demand it

  4. Yeah, stop with the self-loathing. I thought I had the monopoly on that.....


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