Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Wind wind blow away

Cold cold morning, tried out my new over shoes, they work great and only a tenner from Decathalon.

Didnt get to Delamere this evening but did manage  a sharpish 40 miles with Roy despite the wind. We both were putting some effort in on the hills and it has to be said that the ten years he has on me is starting to show, plus he has been training for "Le Marmot" and has turned a lot more miles over that I (and he'll being needingevery pedal stroke !).
We were pretty even on most hills although I have to say that I was using my roady experience to let him drag me along, just starting to half wheel him on the crest :-)

And then it happened, long uphill drag into the wind through Tatton Park trying to maintain 20mph and I had the most explosive lactic acid attack ever, proper instant emptying of legs followed by searing pain :-/... I guess I was just enjoying myself too much ?, still my recovery was reasonable so must be starting to work :-)

and I reckon my sore knee problem "might" be due to the cleat position on my shoe, will investigate tomorrow 

and we met Leon doing some secret training, riding back and to work for him is a round trip of 70 odd miles, sneaky bastard :-)

Tomorrows weather looks poor but I'll try and get to Delamere anyway, we'll see how it goes

17 stone 1 lb naked and hydrated


  1. It was bloody windy today, proper annoying. I barely managed 13mph average on the way to Tod, quite soul destroying.

  2. I think I'd pass out if I did 40 miles right now. Nice work!

  3. pre- or post- crap though?

  4. naked and hydrated is no way to go through life son



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