Monday, 10 March 2008

30 in 30, day 10

well, that was fun, 45 minutes grovelling into a howling wind, mud and water grinding through the bike, hailstones hurting my face, and seat post slipping down, bah !

and then I turned around, wooo hoooo, that was fast, faster than I could spin my stupid single gear, faster than the mud being kicked off my tyres

early morning rides rock

1 hour 15 minutes

2 Herons

2 Gosseanders

1 Kingfisher

lots of Mallards and Teal

need to sort out my drivetrain today, and also take a look at the rear hub, the Woodman (Brant designed) single speed hub that has been on duty for about 7 years now is finally making some deathnell type noises :-(

Update tonight, poured some oil into the hub and hey presto its fine again !, however the rain and wind came even harder and I couldnt summon up the courage to ride home the long way, went the shortest way possible and still got absolutely soaked wet through Bah !!


  1. Only 20 to go!

    I reckon I'm just gonna go for a pootle up the canal and back today.

  2. New bike needed, obviously :)

  3. Nearly 2.5 hours for me today. Not sure I'll manage it every day though!

  4. When I started this I thought I might get closer to summer racing fitness. No luck so far - I'm actually putting weight on. Ride more often and get fatter. How does that work? I don't suppose the fact that I seem to have an enormous appetite at the moment helps much. Is anyone loosing any body weight through this?

  5. I've gained a bit of weight Cris.


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