Thursday, 20 March 2008

30 in 30, day 19 and 20

March 19th, up at 5, down the river to the spot, felt a bit creepy but hey ho, strangely enough they'd left about 3 feet of the rope up ?, legs heavy, just turning circles really

1 hour 10

March 20th, an hour and 10 after work tonight, legs heavy, heart heavy, no real passion for this tonight, just going through the motions really, went past the spot again, the remains of the rope had gone, was expecting to see some notes/flowers etc but nothing, the only thing of note was some graffiti (not new) that said "Gillian Clarke shits in a colostomy bag " which made me laugh for some strange reason :-/

Perfectly rational now, looking forward to the Easter break :-)

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  1. Reason enough to laugh! Glad that your spirits have lifted, y'idiot.


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