Tuesday, 18 March 2008

30 in 30, day 18

things just got bad :-(

up and out at 630, along the river to the bridge and there's some poor soul hanging off the structure....

police arive just as I do, nothing I can do

caught sight of the bike that he'd ridden to the bridge, that resonated with me

ride off into the woods, vomit twice, ride to work, slowly

not a good start to the day, feel pretty shite right now

only slight positive is that the ride was an hour and 15

bit of a reality check there :-/


  1. Tough morning. It wasn't anyone of your friends or loved ones, though. Try not to absorb it too much. There are too many good things going on right now to let this one very bad thing derail you. Hugs.

  2. thats horrible, not a nice thing to think about, let alone experience, it defo does put things into perspective....

    just noticed the "heart on his sleeve" link, i like it.....

  3. Hell, that's awful! Makes you realise how good our lives really are.
    Just think of all the amazingly fantastic things you've seen over the years whilst out on a bike that nobody else has...
    Big 30in30 buddy hug for ya! ;-)

  4. Rode past the spot twice yesterday. Tried not to think of the poor sod. Are you still riding Steve?


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