Monday, 31 March 2008

30 in 30 , day 31

damn this thing, I knew this would happen

short way to work, long way home, 1 hour 30 on the road bike in the evening sunshine, it rocked a phat one !

talking of fat, I am now officially the fatest I have ever been, 17 stone 6lbs according to the scales last night, I'm not surprised really, over a year of eating and drinking has taken its toll

time for a change methinks


  1. It ended today for me. I'm not getting on a bike tomorrow. 47 miles on the road today has left me shattered. I guess it didn't help that I did the first 20 miles in an hour.

    Good luck with the losing weight. The only way I managed it was by doubling my mileage. Cutting out food/drink didn't work at all.

  2. ive put on a stone since i gave up the cigs!

  3. I finished today.

    Yesterday (day 31) I did a painful hour on the road, then I rode to a meeting and back, getting another 10 miles on top of the 17+ from the earlier ride.

    Today I was broken.

    I ride tomorrow (Wednesday)


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