Sunday, 30 March 2008

30 in 30, day 30

it is done, this thing of ours, I've enjoyed it and actually found it easier than I expected from a physical point of view, the logistics were difficult, often meaning getting up very early, I can well understand how life could get in the way, and in my case a death almost stalled me :-/

Todays final ride in the sun was a pleasure, 1 hour 45 on the road bike, that stupid persistent insistant wind was still around, turning into my face regardless of which direction I was heading but still it was a pleasure.

I must be fitter now, I weigh pretty much the same, the beer belly has at least stopped growing if not shrunk, I feel stronger, I can push harder on the hills so its all good

One thing that this has exposed is all my old nagging injuries, my weak right ankle has given way occasionally, my left achilles tendon aches most days, my neck is sore, my right wrist aches, on the plus side my knees and hips are fine, no aching back (which is always a sign of getting fitter) my addiction to alcohol continues (although next week I'm on call so a week of tea and coffee beckons)

now then, who's up for 2 hours a day ?


business as normal tomorrow, road bike the long way to work, and now the nights are lighter the long way home, 30 in 30 has just been the start....

congrats to everyone who finished, commiseration's to those who didnt


  1. Yay well done Steve, I didn't start but then I start a commute of at least an hour each way tomorrow, so that'll do me ;0)

  2. Nice one Steve. Think I'll pass on the 2 hour a day one :)

  3. well done steve, and everyone else who finished, look forward to seeing that new found fitness at SSUK, i did a challenge this week to cheer myself up, 20 in 7 days, bottles of stella that is, £8.98 from sainsburys, bargain.

  4. Woohoo!!!!!!

    2 hrs is really impractical for me, but I'm formulating another plan for something silly.

  5. Nice work, y'idiot! Glad you did it! *hugs*


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