Tuesday, 25 March 2008

30 in 30 , day 25

Woke up too late to get an hour in this morning so just headed straight to work...

Then this evening set off just as the snow and sleet started again, this is getting pretty old right now !

however I stuck it out and did the obligatory hour and ten thereby keeping the flame alive, sad to see a comrade fall over the weekend, just a few of us left now, I can well understand how the motivation evaporates as I had my crisis early on..

its a challenge and thats for sure


  1. Glad to see you sticking with it Steve! The snow was fun in a can't see anything/it's bloody cold kind of way today. Better than rain but I'd quite like the sun to come out soon :)

  2. Nice work Steve. Nearly done now!

  3. keep charging steve. draw strength from within and without. feel - dont think. use the force...

  4. There was a moment tonight, as I turned into the headwind and my face was lashed with the rain, that i started to weaken.

    I then thought of the pizza I was earning and all was good again.


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