Tuesday, 4 March 2008

30 in 30, day 4

well, this mornings ride didnt happen, icy roads put paid to that, just the short way along the road into work, being extra careful :-/

I have bad memories of a near death experience some years ago....

and to be honest my legs were sore from last nights cold ride.

As the day went on with clear blue skies I wasnt too concerned (for once the weather report was right), it stayed good for the rest of the day

So, onto tonight and a lovely evening, an hours road ride around the Cheshire lanes meant my work for the day was done and I'm still on target, just spinning an easy gear along watching the sun set was very pleasant :-)

Tomorrow morning looks to be cold and icy, so I have recovered the Aizan from the cellar and put the Jake away for now, an hour along the river should be available and am also hoping for a few hours in the evening, this bike riding lark is good clean fun :-))


  1. Nicely done Steve.
    I was half tempted by a breakfast ride tomorrow but the chances of me waking up early enough are bloody slim!

  2. Good work Steve we should try and sort out a Cheeky cross ride at some point a good long one, with cafe's and big hills....

  3. Raoul's coming up to mine end of Easter week - we're planning a longish CX ride (all off road) through the 'secret' parts of Clumber.

    All welcome :)


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