Tuesday, 11 March 2008

30 in 30, day 11

dentists at 9 this morning meant a lie in till 8, then off down the river, in the sun !!, still windy and trails very wet and muddy, 1 hour 40 minutes and done, lots of fun, great to feel the sun on my face, legs felt strong today, might be starting to get somewhere, lakes at the weekend, then on to see Andy and T and hopefully get his sorry arse out on a bike for an hour or so :-)

2 Cormorants

Lots of Canadian gooses

short way home tonight if the predicted storms come in

update, the storm came and I got blown all the way home ;-) and had the exquisite pleasure of riding on the outside of 3 miles of standing traffic, it would appear that some weather has completely fooked up the traffic system around greater manchester

tomorrow's plan is to do an early morning river run assuming the storm has blown itself out and then do a night road ride, just read Jo's article in Cycling plus about the Rapha night ride and its inspired me and coincidently I ordered some stuff from Rapha today, a pair of riding knicks, a long sleeve jersey and renewed my sub to Rouleur

must put some air in Jakes tyres

Riding bikes is really rather good fun


  1. So visiting Nenthead, I'd ay your more likely to cave in to hospitality than Andy is likely to go out on a bike....

  2. Were they Cormorants or Shags?

    I'll buy you several beers if you get Andy out ;-)

  3. rapha, nice, 2 of my pals race for rapha-condor-recycling, keep dropping hints about getting some stuff.........

  4. You're going to see Andy? That'll kill your chance of doing 30/30!


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