Thursday, 13 March 2008

30 in 30, day 13, a day of decisions !

Yesterday left me drained, completely shelled out, and by this morning I felt worse, I just hadnt recovered

So, alarm goes off at 0545 and I dither, and dither and contemplate cheating, think about giving up, think about anything other than riding a bike....

Eventually get up at 630 and out, legs heavy, breathing hard with the slightest incline and then turn into the wind, nothing like yesterday but just draggy and insistant, this is not fun

I'm facing a 12/14 hour day today and it would have been so easy to quit, but then when I think about it I can quit drinking for a month, surely I can do something everyday for a month ? especially something that I consider defines who I am and what I do ?

Pull into work at 0750, it is done

Yes I can do it I know after this mornings mental tussle that 30 in 30 will now be done :-)

Must drink more water and less coffee though :-0

2 Herons

5 tuftied ducks

dozens of Magpies


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