Sunday, 2 March 2008

30 in 30 day 2

2 and a half hours road ride, in the sun but incredible wind, with two mates who are preparing for a "sportive" that will include amongst others the Galibier and Alp d Huez !!

Road riding with little traffic around is good


  1. Ace, good work Steve, I miss not having a road bike...

  2. Great! I did the same length ride today. There's even photographic evidence.

  3. Cross bike with slicks, its far too dirty out there for the De Rosa ;-)

    You know, I leave special remarks on there and no one ever picks em up ;-)

  4. Lots of lovely road bikes out in Surrey at the weekend. I think my old road frame may well have to get renovated pretty soon.

  5. road bikes are a joy to ride when the weather is good, but given the choice I'll always take an off road ride in prefference ;-)


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