Monday, 5 November 2007

be careful out there kids

road ride to work this morning, first ride since Friday as the weekend gave way to walking and photographing, still the 29er VooDoo was a pleasure to ride, the 34 x 16 gear is just about tall enough for the trails around here and as usual with this bike the 21lb weight made light work of the short climbs.

This evening came and went with a spin down the river, 18 miles in just over an hour felt good, along the way I thought that I saw my mate Jezz over on the other side of the iver walking with someone, od as he had his running gear on ?

I now know why he was walking, the silly bugger had tripped over a dog in the twilight and fell and bust his lip !, unfortunately it was bad enough to warrent a trip to hospitl and as I type he is having his lip stitched back together !!

Remember a few blogs ago when I asked why people run at night without lights ?, well now I know, its because they are stoopid thats why :-)

oh and BTW Simon, tonight I am having beer, 4 nights of sobriety is enough for anyone :-)

and here's to a great Northumberfest 6


  1. 4 days?!?!?! Is that all?

    I wasn't going to drink this week but I appear to have a bottle of cider in my hand. Oh well :)

    I nearly ran a 2 people and their dog over on Saturday night, they were out walking around Rivi in the dark with no lighting and dark clothes. Daft buggers.

  2. Yay loads of miles again Steve, my morning miles start in earnest tomorrow. I've decided not to worry about applying for jobs I don't really want.

    Natter and a walk at the back it is this weekend then ;0)


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