Tuesday, 6 November 2007

a ribbon of goodness

Todays early morning commute set me up beautifully for the day, up and out by 6 for 10 miles of tacky trails in the emerging sun, got to work to find all was well and that I potentially had the afternoon free of meetings :-)

A couple of things to rearrange and I was back out in the sun at 1130, down the river along the singletrack river side trails (not real singletrack but the best thing around here), through Stockport and the trails just kept on getting better, sunlight flitting through the autumn leaves and reflecting off the water, trails dry and grippy, only downside was that the Jodphur Cafe was closed by the time I got there and the 2 pieces of toast I'd had earlier had already been turned into energy.

Oh well nothing for it but turn around and head back, had a bit of an explore around some rails I'd been eyeing up but never bothered to follow, nothing at all spectacular but nice and flowy.

By the time I got back to the water park I was seriously bonking hard, first time thats happened for years !, anyhow the upside was that the lakeside cafe was open, and double bonus it had a new owner who was trying to move away from the burger and chips type of place it was previously, a nice egg on toast and a grand cup of tea for 3 quid set me up a treat for the final 6 miles hom.

45 miles all off road today, legs are tingling right now but tomorrows weather looks good again so am planning another early morning trip.


  1. When are you going to start carrying a little digicam and taking a snap or two on these rides!?

  2. > tomorrows weather looks good again

    Bah, you cursed the weather - it's wet and windy today :(

  3. I did buy that little Nikon for just such use but its a bit rubbish really, been looking out for something a little better quality, and yes Simon, it was fine this morning but started raining at lunchtime here :-(


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