Wednesday, 7 November 2007

littel green frogs

lots of em tonight, had a job missing some of em, must have been the rain ?

anyhow, this morning I woke late and rushed to get out, still managed 10 miles of off road trails before work, uneventful day at work and out again by 5 into the rain, first choice was to just head home the shortest way but then I decided to retrace this mornings route. The trails were mushy, hard to believe that yesterday they were in perfect condition, anyhow, 10 miles later and I'm home, bike is filthy, clothes are filthy but there's that stupid grin on my face that says all is well tonight in my world :-)

Beer free night last night means tonight I'm having beer, Summer Swallow, and a curry (and some red wine also, alcohol free tomorrow nigts in readiness for the weekends shenanigans over at Tims place in Rothbury.

At the risk of it all going wrong there appears to be some life stirring back into my legs, I know that this will happen, just need to keep at it now !

This weeks total so far is 85 miles, hoping to do another 20 tomorrow, rest on Friday and then enjoy the weekends riding catching up with friends and generally mucking about on bikes :-)


  1. It was grim out this evening but it is satisfying getting some miles under your tyres in those conditions :)

  2. little, Steven, little, 4/10 for spelling :) crayons


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