Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Tuesday bloody Tuesday

to the tune of a famous song by offically the most boring band in the world, just read a joke about the frontman clapping

anyhow, road ride either side today, the shortest way, tired and feeling below parr today, but have booked the afternoon off tomorrow to get out and get some miles in, BUT this damned rain is still falling, if its still raining the trals will be shocking, so a change of plan might be in order, Delamere and back on the road, 60 odd miles will get me back on track this week.

Looking forward now to Thursday's night ride, its the annual Sideways Cycles/Bike Shak xmas spectacular, I've been down in the cellar tonight and rebuilt the Spot 29er (as that it officially my Delamere bike with 34 x 20 gearing, thinish tyres and mudguards fitted as standard).

When I think about it, it must be over 6 months since I last rode in the forest which is ridiculous as its one of my favourite places to ride, in fact it might even have been an exploratory ride with Stever, we rode to a new place, expecting to climb, should get that gig back on really, after all I bought the shoes !

No idea about the weekends shenanigans yet, possiblity of a party over at Hebden but I'm doubtful for that, Sunday should really be a big road ride, I did say that I'd rejoin the old roady club and get out with the old boys, that's certainley get the weight shifted and the miles would pile on, shame I've not around to that really :-(

Another alternative is to get the cross bike out and do a mixed ride, in fact Delamere on the road, couple of laps of the forest trails dodging the walkers and dogs and then back on the road would be a good plan

then again if the local trails are in good enough nick I could scope out the skull and crosbikes race course ?

so many options, so little time :-)


  1. I haven't ridden Delamere since Jan 2006!

    (I think that's also the only time I've ridden there)

    If I'm can be arsed I might join you on the Thursday nightride.

  2. Have you heard the news today, it's raining hard and I can't make it go away...

    Enough of the Boner nonsense this weather is driving me mad, driving me too drink Scotch with Ginger wine in fact ;0)

  3. Bloody alcoholics the pair of you ;-)

    (Innes & Gunn here)

  4. I'm usually dry in the week as well oops ;0)

  5. "exploratory ride with Stever, we rode to a new place, expecting to climb"

    Game on brother! The engine's running, ready to roll :)


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