Monday, 19 November 2007

Plan A almost worked

Saturday went as predicted..

Sunday started as predicted nut due to sub zero temperatures the mediumish epic turned into epic light (but nonetheless still epic), it were totally ace, great friends, great trails, great beer, great chilli and yorkshires in the bay horse pub, most remarkable of all though was that we were out riding by 1030 and had finished at 130, into the pub to thaw out.

the usual plus, sleet, snow, VERY wet trails, piss poor brake pad life (as always with avids in the wet), cold toes, cold fingers, VERY cold little Matty, it rocked :-)

Fitness and breathing ability all okay, legs felt fine on the climbs, lots left at the end, its working, Ed asked hows the Strathpuffe training going, to be honest it doesnt really count as training, its more just enjoying riding a bike, but yes its working.

Today was a write off, 4 road miles in for a 7am start, 4 road miles home for a 7pm finish, 1 beer, 1 bottle of red wine, maybe tomorrow I'll get out for a few mles more ?


  1. It was ace being out yesterday, glad I dragged myself out of bed to get over there :)

  2. Pouring here it has been since yesterday afternoon, pleased I got out on Saturday really.
    I want to get some more miles in big time but extra miles in the pouring rain has minimal motivational impact for me.

  3. I hate to admit that your weekly milage is putting me to shame.

  4. Nick, it not been that much of a struggle, afetr all it s what we do ;-)

    time is the biggest factor

    Chris, those trails int going anywhere you know, ya idiot ;-)

    Raoul, get in there you riding god you :-)


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