Thursday, 15 November 2007

Tired Legs today

Managed to get out of bed early and hit the trail, by gum it were cold, easily minus 2 or 3, the trails were frosty firm, even the puddles were icey, 10 miles of this was enough for my hands, and even as I type this some 12 hours later my left index finger is still numb at the end, I figure something "might" be wrong as last time I played (ha ha ha ha a) my guitar I had this same feeling for weeks, maybe the red wine is finall catching me up ?

Anyhow, a boring day at work, sat at the computer all day meant I was tired and weary by the time the bell rang, and as I'd actually cleaned the VooDoo at lunch time and lubed the chain (hey that grinding noise has gone !) I decided just to head off home.

15 miles in the can today, maybe tomorrow will gve a few more miles and then its the weekend, saturdays plan is to go over to Old Moor RSPB site for some photography and then Sunday will be the uusual plus plus over at Oxenhope, starting early and finishing late :-)

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