Friday, 16 November 2007

A perfect storm

Funny old day today, 12 off road miles along the canal in the dark was a fun start, I got out at 630 and decided to head to work a different route, its been a while since I rode along the canal. Narrow muddy trails with the ever present chance of an early bath meant concentration was needed, especially as I came across a couple of black labrabears who lomed out of the darkness !.

Work started bad and got worse around 11ish when a friend handed me his notice, I knew it was coming but am still gutte


after that, a series of meetings which did nothing but remind me of how much I have fallen behind with my day to day work after the summer project....

A change of plan saw me leave at 430 on the Tinrat, just an hour of road work but manged to squeeze 17 miles out to take todays total to 29 miles.

That means 87 mles for the commutes this week, not too bad for a 3 day week, tomorrow is a rest day, plans are to go photographing birds at Inner marsh farm in the morning, get back in time to pick up Jan and then head off somewhere else for a stroll, probably Tatton Park to catch the Acer leaves before the disappear for the year.

Sunday promises wet and windy trails, a longish day in the saddle I hope.

Next week I'll stick t the Tinrat and aim to up the mileage to 150 for the week, we'll see how succesful that is :-)

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