Wednesday, 21 November 2007

riding the lethargy away

this morning I suffered from rainy day blues, made the mistake of looking out of the window and saw rain, rain and more rain, so headed to work the shortest way knowing that my expected afternoon of riding had just been washed away, bit of a hectic day at work, and then got a phone call from Germany early afternoon that raised my blood pressure through the roof, in fact so high that I left early at 3 so I didnt have to deal with anyone in that mood.

Managed to put all that aside and decided to head over to the shak to catch up with Mikey, whilst there was looking at the Trek 08 bikes that they had in stock, have to admit that the Fuel series looks really good, some clever thngs going on with the pivot points and the general finish and look of the bikes makes them stand out, and the price point is unbelievable, for £1600 you can get a bike that will massively out perform a bike from ten years ago that would have cost you £4000.

And I also bought some Endura winter waterproof gloves, nice and toasty inners with a good looking protective outer which isnt too bulky, riding home it appears that the palm pad bunches up a bit in your palm but not too uncomfortable, we'll see how they go on.

After leaving the shak where Mikey agreed to a ride this coming Sunday (which when I think about it may well be the first ride we've done together in 2007 !) I decided to head off home through the lanes, and after about 30 mins my legs suddenly came to life, at first I thought the wind had changed direction, but no, they must have just decided to get stuck in ;-)

An hour later and I'm home and happy, on me way to sainsbury's and I'm getting texts from Punkass suggesting which beer to buy for tonight, settled on Pumpkin Ale and a strong Brakespear organic.

First few mouthfuls of the pumpkin and it tastes good, a bit like pumpkins oddly enough

and best of all, Germany is forgotten about for now.

18 miles today


  1. Where are you riding Sunday? I might try and make it to Delamere tomorrow night, will see how I feel.

    Badger Pumpkin Ale? I like that, not tried any others. Badger Golden Champion here, might open a bottle of wine to see if it helps my legs recover - they feel bloody knackered at the moment :(

  2. Wychwood brewery

    Sundy ?, dunno yet, any suggestions ?

  3. Wychwood do some nice ales, have had Hobgoblin and Wychcraft this week, will wander over the road to see what they've got in Bargain Booze later :)

    Haven't got any suggestions for Sunday, let me know if you decide owt.

  4. Hows about Rivi ?, you could show me new stuff ?

  5. Could do, would save me driving anywhere. It gets busy on a Sunday though, would need to be earlyish.

  6. Another fan of the Pumpkin Ale! My congregation is growing. :~) It's one of the best things of fall, the arrival of that beer.

  7. I should put my ten year old suspension bike back together to challenge that assertion :)


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