Saturday, 24 November 2007

looking out the window with a heavy heart

its absolutley pissing down, thick heavy wet rain swirling around, totally uninviting ;-(

anyhows, Thursday was officially the best day of the week, ride to work and back followed by a great night ride arond Delamere with the good guys, my Spot was just the same as it was last time I rode it (which was over a year ago) and it ruled, that bike allows me brief moments when I remember how to ride a bike, sliding predictably in the mud, steering exactly where I want to go, its a great bike that derves to be repaired (there's a small crack appearing in the weld on the bottom bracket shell/seat tube interface).

can probably count Thursday as a 25 miler.

Friday was a straight down the road effort to get to work and in complete cotrast to Thursday the sun came out so yet another window of opportunity arrived and I hit the trail, only this time my legs were not in the mood, so rather than push through I bailed and headed home to pick up my camera gear and legged it over to Martin Mere to photograph the swans.

It was bloody perishing in the hides but some of the shots worked out okay.

Weeks total is around the 70 miles, less than needed but still the fun is back in bike riding.


  1. I'm glad it's pissing down today, gives me an excuse to have a rest day.

  2. Cold and damp here 40 miles in total, 28 offroad....;0)


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