Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Fired by the canon of inspiration (TM 360)

last weeks summary first, 100 miles comuting, 30 (proper off road in the hlls) miles at weekend at Tim and B's guest house in Rothbury (many thanks to Raoul for organising and Tim and B for great hospitality, you guys rock a phat one or something like that)

130 miles in 6 days of riding, pleased with that, its about as much as I can manage time wise at the moment, trying to not spread myself too thinly between family, work, bikes and photography


Back to this week and 2 days of business travel gave my legs a rest on Moday and Tuesday, so I was gagging for it today, once again all was well at work and a window of sunshine presented iself so I was out and amongst it again, trails were wet but still firm, the leaves are already turning to mush but the sun shone brightly, did some more exploring and came to a sudden realisation that we could put on a skull and crossbones cyclo cross bike race in the Manchester area.

I'll not say when and where as the whole idea is that you run the race somewhere cheeky and with no rules and regulations, there'll be start time and a finish time, although the finish time is usually left to the discretion of the hecklers, if they want to see more suffering then thats what they get :-).

Anyway, 44 mles today in the sun felt good at the time, an I even remebered to eat something before setting off !

Tomorrows commute is planned to be a fairly muted affair, I know I have 2 busy days at work coming on and my chest feels tonight as though the infection thats been nesting here for some time mght finally be coming on :-0

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